Crying Blood update

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Amazon pulled the work from Misty Wright.  She still has 3 books out there, which are probably stolen stories from other authors.  A friend emailed me the person’s real name and occupation.  I have to admit that I’m surprised.

I don’t think this person has learned her lesson.  She was able to profit from many authors over the months.  I don’t have the resources to pursue her legally.  I’m sure she counted on that.

Copies of her stolen items will still be out there.  I heard from a gentleman at Library Thing. Her work is forever in their records.  He will note her plagiarism and that’s all I can ask. 

I’m trying to be positive here.  At least she liked my work.  That’s something.  I also found a lot of friends during this.  That’s something nice too.



Another example of the theft from Crying Blood

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Again, this is Crying Blood by Jennifer Cloud.  Forgive the formatting.  I’m using an old PDF to copy from.  Keep in mind that Misty Wright only changed the character’s names and the title of the book.

“The beach.” She winced and pulled her hand up just as he flashed his light inside going over her and the interior. Under the circular glow, she found more drops of blood. It had been a close kill. Mr. Nagasaki had been reaching for a towel from the steamy shower stall when she’d grabbed his hand and sent a bullet into his brain. It’s amazing how fast a human can react. She’d fired the moment his head was free of the curtain. He hadn’t struggled, not even pulled back. His features were locked in eternal surprise as blood sprayed from the hole between his eyes.

“What’s that? Are you okay, ma’am?” He flashed the light over her again.

Below is a screen shot of this Assassin’s Love


I can’t post more.  There is much more but I can’t deal with this right now.  This Misty Wright stole line after line.  She changed the character’s names, an off word here or there but she stole this.  It’s insulting.  It’s horrible.  I pour so much of myself into my work.  This feels like something worse than a theft.  How could someone do this?

Assassin’s Love or Crying Blood

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This is a paragraph from Crying Blood which was released as a free download in 2008 after being a paperback with small publishing house. “I was just heading to Virginia to meet up with some friends.” Amelia smiled, flashing emerald eyes as she reached the edge of her window with her driver’s license and registration. At that moment, she saw the blood on her hand. Damn it, she’d been sloppy. It would be her luck to be busted by some young wannabe still wet behind the ears punk. He’d be promoted, while her life would be over if they traced the dozen or so murders to her. Then again, her counterparts would have her eliminated, just like they had her father.

“Was it Virginia Beach you were going to, or the North Carolina line?”


This is a screen shot of Assassin’s Love that is available on Amazon.



The whole book goes like this.  Line after line stolen from me.  Thieves anger me.  I wasn’t even making a profit off this book.  It was a free novel.  I only wanted a few people to remember my name.  This isn’t fair and it isn’t right.  


Halloween is Just Around the Corner

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It is my favorite holiday.  My family comes from NC and we have a blast.

I’m already preparing for the festivities.  I have wine going.  I picked up a new skull.  It won’t technically be a Halloween decoration.  It now has a permanent place on the entertainment center.  I have a skull bowl and cup in the kiln.  I hope they turn out.  It’s the glaze firing.  I might post picks if they’re pretty.

There are some lovely Halloween items that I’ve found online.  Unfortunately, I have expensive tastes and the wallet doesn’t match.  I get ideas from them though.  Muwahahahaha.




Already September

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Time seems to be flying.  I’m having trouble keeping up with everything.  My job has been keeping me very busy.  Staring at a computer screen all day is making it harder for me to write when I get home.  Even the time I spend reading has been drastically reduced.  After a 10 hour day at work, then cooking and taking care of the family, all I feel like doing is vegging out on the couch.  Shameful, I know.

I’ve pulled out a Karin Slaughter book to read next.  It looks quite interesting.  I think I’ll dig into that one tomorrow.

Still no reviews for Unleashing Darkness.

That’s about all for now.  Hopefully, my next update will be far more interesting.  Until then, goodnight all.


Critiques and such

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As a writer, the best way to know if you’re doing your job well is to get a review of the work.  I haven’t gotten any reviews for Unleashing Darkness or the rewrite on Call of Crows but I did get a nice one this morning.  It comes from my free download, Crying Blood.  I posted it on the Obooko site.  Here’s the nice email someone sent me.

BookTitle : Crying Blood

Message : Unstoppable. Excellent story with great twists, subtle humour and brilliant relationship dynamics. Was sorry to put it down at the end… its almost like the end came too quickly. Great stuff Jennifer!

To the person who sent me this, thank you.  It made my day.

Time and Updates

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It seems every time I try to write, my twelve-year-old feels the desire to sit next to me and look at every word I type.  That’s one reason there have been few updates.  It’s also the reason I haven’t been getting much accomplished on my current WIP.

At the moment, I have her distracted by handing over the PC so I can have a moment of peace with the laptop.  

I have gotten a promotion at work.  I’m now a manager over the contracts department.  There’s an actual title but I’ve never been much for that crap.  It’s something like sales admin manager or something.  Not sure.  I’ll have to look at my name tag but I left that in my desk.  It does mean some longer hours and the pressure that I might fail the people in my department.  It’s up to me to keep errors down or at least the ones corporate knows about.  🙂

I’m hoping for some reviews on Unleashing Darkness.  None so far.  I’ve been getting a lot of positive comments for Crying Blood.  That makes me feel good.

I have to go now.  My daughter wants to learn how to use her flat iron on my hair.  Sigh.  This could be painful.

A Little Extra Promo Note

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It’s on Nook now, too!

Available in: NOOK Book (eBook). Lotty Black is a woman with a deadly touch. She…See More
I also want to mention that I enjoy working with Violet Ivy Press.  Here’s their link.
Now back to your regularly scheduled Saturday.  I have to start cooking hot wings.  I also bought a bottle of blackberry wine.  🙂  Time to celebrate.


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This last couple of weeks has been quite the roller coaster ride.  I’m finally getting a handle on a new position at work.  Otherworld made their announcement which led me to self publish Crows and now

drum roll please…

Some fantastic news.

I’m doing my happy dance because UNLEASHING DARKNESS is live.

The cover is awesome.  I think the book is awesome. (Okay, I’m a little biased.)  It’s even a cheap purchase.  No excuses people.  

I will now continue with my happy dance.

Unleashing Darkness

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I’m currently doing a read on Unleashing Darkness.  The character is one that I’ve played with for a while.  I’ve posted bits here and there.  One publisher wanted a different version of her years ago but folded before release.  I had an agent love her but decided not to pick up the novel.  Now it finally looks like it will come to life at  

I don’t have a release date yet but it should be soon.  🙂