Assassin’s Love or Crying Blood

This is a paragraph from Crying Blood which was released as a free download in 2008 after being a paperback with small publishing house. “I was just heading to Virginia to meet up with some friends.” Amelia smiled, flashing emerald eyes as she reached the edge of her window with her driver’s license and registration. At that moment, she saw the blood on her hand. Damn it, she’d been sloppy. It would be her luck to be busted by some young wannabe still wet behind the ears punk. He’d be promoted, while her life would be over if they traced the dozen or so murders to her. Then again, her counterparts would have her eliminated, just like they had her father.

“Was it Virginia Beach you were going to, or the North Carolina line?”


This is a screen shot of Assassin’s Love that is available on Amazon.



The whole book goes like this.  Line after line stolen from me.  Thieves anger me.  I wasn’t even making a profit off this book.  It was a free novel.  I only wanted a few people to remember my name.  This isn’t fair and it isn’t right.  



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