Time and Updates

It seems every time I try to write, my twelve-year-old feels the desire to sit next to me and look at every word I type.  That’s one reason there have been few updates.  It’s also the reason I haven’t been getting much accomplished on my current WIP.

At the moment, I have her distracted by handing over the PC so I can have a moment of peace with the laptop.  

I have gotten a promotion at work.  I’m now a manager over the contracts department.  There’s an actual title but I’ve never been much for that crap.  It’s something like sales admin manager or something.  Not sure.  I’ll have to look at my name tag but I left that in my desk.  It does mean some longer hours and the pressure that I might fail the people in my department.  It’s up to me to keep errors down or at least the ones corporate knows about.  🙂

I’m hoping for some reviews on Unleashing Darkness.  None so far.  I’ve been getting a lot of positive comments for Crying Blood.  That makes me feel good.

I have to go now.  My daughter wants to learn how to use her flat iron on my hair.  Sigh.  This could be painful.


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