Another example of the theft from Crying Blood

Again, this is Crying Blood by Jennifer Cloud.  Forgive the formatting.  I’m using an old PDF to copy from.  Keep in mind that Misty Wright only changed the character’s names and the title of the book.

“The beach.” She winced and pulled her hand up just as he flashed his light inside going over her and the interior. Under the circular glow, she found more drops of blood. It had been a close kill. Mr. Nagasaki had been reaching for a towel from the steamy shower stall when she’d grabbed his hand and sent a bullet into his brain. It’s amazing how fast a human can react. She’d fired the moment his head was free of the curtain. He hadn’t struggled, not even pulled back. His features were locked in eternal surprise as blood sprayed from the hole between his eyes.

“What’s that? Are you okay, ma’am?” He flashed the light over her again.

Below is a screen shot of this Assassin’s Love


I can’t post more.  There is much more but I can’t deal with this right now.  This Misty Wright stole line after line.  She changed the character’s names, an off word here or there but she stole this.  It’s insulting.  It’s horrible.  I pour so much of myself into my work.  This feels like something worse than a theft.  How could someone do this?


One Response to “Another example of the theft from Crying Blood”

  1. She only changed the one first name in one of the two books she stole from me. Amazon informed me a few minutes ago that she’s basically done. I lodged a complaint with proof. I feel your pain Jennifer, and I’m so impressed at how many bloggers jumped up and defended us by spreading the word!
    take care
    Lietha Wards

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